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11/20/13 09:40 AM #58    

Willis Blackmore

Hey, gang.  I'm sorry I couldn't make it, either.  I looked at all the pictures from the reunion, and recognized no-one, except Nancy (because I'd seen her picture on the website).  Oh, I think I recognized you, Ada, and you, Sandy.  I suppose you wouldn't recognize me, either! I'm trying to get a picture uploaded...I'm still a little "delayed" in this department.  I love all of you, and wish you well.  


11/20/13 09:56 AM #59    

Willis Blackmore

Oh, Linn!  I saw "Wiklund" and my default went to "Ada".  Ada and I were good friends.  Good to hear from you!  


11/20/13 01:05 PM #60    


Ada Wiklund (Holloway)


I am surprised that anyone recognizes me.  I think of those years with happiness, as most kids I had a happy family and enjoyed school and friends.  I so enjoyed the freedom of walking and riding my bike all over.  Maybe if my life would have been different I would have been a world traveler, but I think I was too timid.  I was able to fall into working in medical research as a tech, and had wonderful experiences and loved science.  I wish I could have had the courage to major in biology, but I guess the teaching drive was stronger.  And then I wish I could have had a lifetime of being an artist, but I have managed to feed that hunger all along the way.

I think as preteens and teens we are undeveloped humans trying to find our place, our talents, and our strengths.  The threads of my personality and capabilities existed then and still exist.

On a funny note, I was making a terrarium with my 8 year old granddaughter.  I was telling her that we could plant a ginko tree seed and plant ferns from spores.  I said that both ginko trees and ferns were alive during the time of the dinosaurs.  She asked if we planted them, would a dinosaur come live in her terrarium?

So if you see a dinosaur standing with his toe on her terrarium, you will know he was going home!




11/20/13 03:47 PM #61    

Juliet Banning (Allen)

 I'd like to add my voice to the chorus of many thanks to Nancy, Carole, Lil,Linn and Jackie.  Actually, I thought I had some time ago, but today I realize I hit the wrong buttons and nothing registered on the website.  This is on me entirely.  I am just this side of pathetic when it comes to navigating websites and figuring out how to use them.  Ladies, I think you did a brilliant job of organizing our reunion and generally making it all happen. Great venue, great food and just enough shelter from threatened rain.  With a whole afternoon in a lovely outdoor setting we each could get around to everyone to renew old acquaintance.  I'm with Sandy:  I had to look at high school pics first, but by the end of the afternoon my memory banks had been updated with how we all are now.   Again, many thanks, and let's stay in closer touch.


Cheers!   Julie Banning Allen

11/21/13 08:16 AM #62    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Hi All,

I am so pleased to see activity on the message board.  One of the reasons the committee purchased 10 more years for our website is to keep all of us connected until we celebrate our 60th!   If anyone has a problem posting photos or info to the site, please email it to me and I will try to solve it.  Also, I am slowly going through all the online reunion photos and adding names.  A little tedious, but I promise to have it finished before we get together in 2023!   I am open to  any suggestions for changing up the site and keeping it fresh, so if you have some thoughts,  please let me know and I will work on it.

Best wishes to all for a happy & healthy Thanksgiving.


11/21/13 10:35 PM #63    

Willis Blackmore


   I am watching out for any dinosaurs, and will send any I run into your way.

12/12/13 08:19 AM #64    


Alan Brainerd

This has been a year of "ths" as in 50th high school graduation anniversary, our 40th wedding anniversary, and my beloved wife Rosalinda's 70th birthday, celebrated with a surprise party that got many family and friends together.  All good!  May I take the time to wish all of you the season's best and Happy New Year!

12/13/13 08:45 AM #65    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Hi Alan & Rosalinda,

Congrats all around!  Howard and I will be celebrating a few milestones in 2015.  Our 40th wedding anniversary, (we got a late start) my 70th & his 75th.  Lots to be thankful for.

Season's greetings to you as well,


02/24/14 08:46 PM #66    

Gordon Brown

Sad to convey that Fritz Mayer passed away in Alameda on February 14, 2014.  I knew Fritz from 2nd grade at AE Kent all the way on until he emailed me details of Redwood's 50th and we chatted a bit afterwards.  He was a good friend and he will be missed.

02/25/14 08:27 AM #67    


Jackie Ray McLeran (Timmer)

So sorry to hear about Fritz, I remember him as being very friendly, a little shy, a very nice person.

05/02/14 01:27 PM #68    

Gary Ravani

I am sure many of you are aware the AE Kent School is having its Centennial tomorrow, May 3rd. I believe the proceedings go on from around 11 AM to 3 PM. Since many of us were there on opening day, or at least that’s the way it feels at times, I thought it would be appropriate to drop by for an hour or so and see how the old place is doing. Perhaps I’ll see some of you there.


Actually, we must have been there for the school’s 50th Anniversary, though I don’t recall any celebration at the time. Maybe some of you do?


05/04/14 04:10 PM #69    

Gary Ravani

Well, I went to the centennial. There were sign-in sheets attached to the doors and I saw about twenty names, many familiar, in the 1955 to 1959 group. There were quite a few people around so I didn’t pick any of our cohort out of the sea of faces.

It was interesting; however, I was disappointed that more classrooms weren’t open. The one that was, is a room I never had a class in. It had been converted into the teachers’ lounge. Looked pretty plush compared to the lunch-rooms I am used to from Petaluma. I assume all the rooms had been upgraded.

There were several new building including a gym that now takes up most of what used to be the paved playground area and basketball courts we played on. The playing fields are now nicely turfed, and the “drainage ditch” that paralleled the baseball fields is now leveled out.

The school office was still in the same place. I wanted to look in to see if there were any indentations from my butt still visible in the "bench" in there. I spent quite a bit of my AE Kent career sitting on that bench. That and sitting on the lunch benches outside the classrooms facing the drainage ditch because I was fooling around too much. Got to where i actually liked being sent outside to sit on the bench.

Next to the open room was the first classroom I had at Kent in 4th grade after I moved up from the City. That was with Miss Shapiro. Then we moved down one room for 5th grade, beginning the year with Mrs. Davis (who moved with her husband to Battle Creek , Michigan,--home of Kellog’s cereal—for some reason I remember that)., then Mrs. Cadwallader took over. (Interestingly, years later I was taking an adult ed class at College of Marin—folk music I think-- and ended up sitting next to Mrs. Cadwallader.) Then it was down one more room for 6th grade with Mrs. Worsley. Then back to the original  (4th grade) room with Mrs. Hartly for 7th. Then across the “quad” area for 8th grade with Mr. Ansley. I believe around 1958,  Kent turned that whole section of the school into a de facto junior high. The Boomers cometh.

Poor Mrs. Hartly. Her hair seemed to go gray in that one year. She was gone the next year. I wonder if she stayed in teaching? We were absolute beasts in her class. For my own 31 years at middle school, every time I had a really difficult class, and there were several, I always thought “Mrs. Hartly’s revenge!” Didn’t really cheer me up.

The multi-use room is pretty much the same. Sandy Mckean and I used to do the DJ work for lunch time "sock-hops" on rainy days in there. The stage seems to be upgraded. It was there, in 5th grade, that I had my one and only thespian experience in the yearly Christmas Pageant. That was an overtly Christian celebration of the Christmas story. It makes me cringe in respect for the 1st Amendment when I think back on it. We must have had Jewish kids around. What did they think of the whole thing? That was the last year as there must have been the Supreme Court case ruling around 1955. Whatever, it was fun even if un-Constitutional,  and something must have penetrated the old DNA because I have a son who is pursuing acting in Hollywood right now.

I played one of the “Three Kings.” Still remember my lines for that matter:

“Behold! Behold! What does this mean? The gates of Heaven swing open wide. A Heavenly chorus fills the air.”


“Come, let us go, even on to Bethlehem, to see this thing which has come to pass which the Lord hath made known to us this night.”

I was ready for my close-up, Mr DeMille, as they say.

Funny what you can remember after all these years.

05/05/14 03:41 AM #70    

Gordon Brown

Thank you Gary.

05/05/14 08:34 AM #71    


Jackie Ray McLeran (Timmer)

Thank you I have forgotten most of that, I was there with Barbara Gommo and Sal Boruso and we couldn't find anyone from our class, but it was a nice day and done very well. The fire Dept. Was interesting to me, since my Dad was the Chief at the time.

05/05/14 03:49 PM #72    

Gary Ravani

I checked with my brother who was in 8th grade at Kent in 1964 and he doesn’t recall any activities around the 50th. I was at COM in 1964 and used to walk to class 3 or 4 days a week right across the playgrounds, in good weather anyway, and then on to my job at Lockwood’s Pharmacy at Kentfield Corners.  Never saw a sign or poster or anything. Just curious about that. There were several “docents” at the Centennial, I should have asked.

Funny, if a 19-20 year old with a backpack was walking across a school campus today on a regular basis it would send the whole system into DEFCON 5.

05/24/14 08:55 AM #73    


Jackie Ray McLeran (Timmer)

Nice, hope everyone has a nice Holiday.

05/24/14 03:08 PM #74    

Willis Blackmore

Thank you, Nancy! I wish you all peace and true happiness! 

05/30/14 08:05 AM #75    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Hi All,

My computer was hacked yesterday and I am totally bummed!  I thought Mac's were impervious to hacking.

Anyway, my apologies for the mass email that went out to all my contacts announcing that I was stranded in Italy, lost my luggage and in need of money.  Hopefully none of you fell for it.  Although, you can still send money to cheer me up if you care.  All my contacts were lost, but thankfully I have an external hard drive that I actually use and they can be restored.  My advice is to change your passwords every 3-6 months and especially your Apple ID password. Check out for password storage. My Mac guru guy strongly recommends it.  What a nuisance!



05/31/14 10:34 AM #76    

Ric Fink

That's a bummer Nancy. Check's in the mail !


05/31/14 03:33 PM #77    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Thanks Jeff!  All good advice.




06/01/14 11:08 AM #78    

Kurt Wisecarver

So Nancy does this mean you are not going to reimburse my for the $3000 money order I sent?

06/01/14 09:58 PM #79    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Kurt - you know I'm good for it.  You can collect it at our 60th!

06/02/14 10:29 AM #80    

Kurt Wisecarver

Deal Nancy, but I presume at an intrest rate of about 5% per year for 10 years?


06/05/14 07:02 AM #81    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

Morning Giants!

Check out this cool Redwood High School video.  It was all over the news this morning.  If you are unable to view it here, just Google:  Redwood High Video.

Published on Jun 2, 2014

Redwood High School 2014 Lip Dub (Larkspur, CA)
The purpose of this video is to showcase the school spirit, pride, sports programs, extra-curricular activities, facilities, and everything else that makes Redwood High School.





06/06/14 10:25 AM #82    


Kathy Deedy (Hart)

What a great video,makes you think it might be fun to go back to high school. Redwood continues to excel, yea! Everyone have a great summer. Kathy Deedy Hart

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