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06/07/14 04:30 PM #83    


Alan Brainerd

Wow!  Not like anything I ever saw in 1963.  Have a great summer, one and all.


06/08/14 02:04 PM #84    


Nancy Trumbo (Howe)

That is FABULOUS!  I am so glad I went there...what a cool school!! Can WE do that??! :)


06/11/14 04:50 PM #85    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

I love your creative enthusiasm Jeff!  Perhaps we should have our 55th reunion at the school and pull off a video with everything you suggested.  I'm in!

08/04/14 09:48 PM #86    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)


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10/05/14 10:35 AM #87    

Kurt Wisecarver

Bah, Humbug!!

10/05/14 12:56 PM #88    


Alan Brainerd

Awesome game, awseome series, and hopefully the Giants move on to the NLCS, which they own in even numbered years.  Go Giants!

10/07/14 06:57 AM #89    

Gordon Brown

Give 'em hell, Tuffy.  Go Giants!!!

10/08/14 11:22 AM #90    


Alan Brainerd

Best fan sign sighting at AT&T:  "Superman wears Hunter Pence underwear"  Go Giants!

10/08/14 12:49 PM #91    


Christopher Coombs

I made it to two games this year and they lost both. I stayed away so they could relax and get thier head back in the game. Now its on to the World Sieries . Go Giants. and of course 49ers

11/08/14 12:55 PM #92    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

11/24/14 06:38 PM #93    


Rick Wynne

Remember that Thaksgiving Day Game 51 Years ago against the Indians of Tam High...for the championship.

Maybe the last great football event in RHS history...and we were there.

Happy Holidays to all.


11/25/14 12:06 PM #94    

Jill Lerner

As though it were yesterday. Greatest Thanksgiving ever. Two undefeated teams, late
fall sunshine. Caravan from school to Marin JC football field, victory, caravan back to
school to find the papier-mache crown from a float topping the gym roof. Pure, glorious17 year-old joy. Rick-thanks for the happy memory.
PS - 52 yrs ago - Thanksgiving, 1962

11/26/14 07:46 AM #95    

Gary Parraga

I remember that game well, I remember Jeff Teather stuffing Warren Domino on a run up the middle and my good friend Jim Troppman having a great game at QB.

11/27/14 09:15 AM #96    


Jeff Teather

That was a great game!  All of you were rooting for the Giants along with some 10,000 other football fans on a beautiful Thanksgiving morning.  It is still the biggist sports event in Marin County history.

11/27/14 10:35 AM #97    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

11/28/14 09:08 AM #98    


Bev Sadler (Prowell)

Oh Yeah!!!

11/28/14 10:13 AM #99    


Rick Wynne

Terrific. Thanks Bev

11/28/14 04:36 PM #100    


Bev Sadler (Prowell)

You're welcome, Rick - lots of fun to remember this!

Here is something else I just found - from the San Jose Mercury newspaper a number of years later that was part of an interview of Pete Carroll:

"… on Thanksgiving Day 1962, Redwood and Tam staged the so-called "Turkey Bowl," perhaps the single greatest sporting event in Marin history. The undefeated Indians and the Giants were playing for the Marin County Athletic League championship in a game that had been rescheduled from Oct. 13 because of flooding.

The COM stadium seated 7,000 but a standing-room only crowd of 9,500 showed up, at that time more than 10 percent of the county's population. Redwood won, 20-14.

"That was a huge event in my life. That was one of the biggest football games I've ever been around when I was a little kid," Carroll said."

05/13/15 10:42 AM #101    


Sandy McKean


One strange thing about a group that consists of a high school senior class is that we are ALL basically the same age.  So we are all, at this moment (more or less), experiencing what it's like to hit 70.  My story is also a pleasant one.

In the last few years I've been buying a season pass to a local ski area (Stevens Pass) up here in Washington State.  I buy it early (before May 1) to get the cheapest price.  Typically it costs me $300 to get an all season pass for weekdays-only.  Not too bad when you consider that an all day adult pass is $69.

Well, Steven Pass has my vitals in their system, so they know my email address and birthday.  About a month ago I got an email from them reminding me to buy my 2015-2016 season pass by May 1 to get the discounted price.  They included a mini-invoice with the cost.  WHAT????  There must be a mistake!  The invoice said $69.50 for not just a weekday-only pass, but an all day, every day pass!  Yes, they knew I was now 70, and I got the "senior" rate automagically.

So I now have an all day season pass good for any and every day of the season for the cost of a single day lift ticket for those poor suckers who are merely 69 years old!

05/14/15 10:44 AM #102    


Nancy Trumbo (Howe)

Ha! Sandy, you are hilarious. I, fortunately, have not aged, and will not be turning 70 for some time to come. (Coughing, nervously.) It is REALLY shocking to be this age, since I'm sure most of us feel vital and still energized by life. So, bah, humbug. Live it up, Sandy, keep skiing even more often, with that discount! Would love to see you. Nancy


05/14/15 12:24 PM #103    

John Baker

Nancy, so glad to see you living large in the land of da nile! I have to admit to being a charter member of the Peter Pan club myself. My first born turned 50 last November and  made reference to my age. I maintain that it beats the alternative! Retirement, also known as second childhood, is one of the best answers to advancing maturity. 

05/15/15 10:06 AM #104    


Nancy Trumbo (Howe)

Hi, John,

It's been soooooo long since 1963. I waited to have child, so my daughter is more than a decade younger than yours, so I must be younger than you, right? Nice to hear from you. It would be fun to revisit a day or two from our last year at Redwood, just to reacquaint ourselves with everyone. To have this many years elapse without seeing or communicating with someone (you, for instance) is mind bending. You sound like you are enjoying life. Are you in CA?  

Thanks for the comment. :)

05/15/15 11:16 AM #105    

John Baker

Hi Nancy, Judging from your lovely photo, you must be at least ten years younger than me! 

I moved to Sedona, Arizona in 1973 to help my parents build thier retirement "dream House". I wasn't convinced that this was "heaven", but it has certainly grown on me. I am now a confirmed desert rat. My beautiful bride and I live in Cottonwood,AZ, just down the road from Sedona. My oldest son lives about 4 miles away. My daughter is in Santa Rosa, CA and my youngest son in Colorado. The 5 grandchildren remind me regularly of the miles I've traveled since 1963! As Dickens said "God bless us, every one".  

06/04/15 10:27 AM #106    


Sandy McKean

Hi Jeff,

Yep.  I got that years ago.  Back when I got it, it was called the "Golden Passport".  It cost $10, was good for a lifetime, and one could purchase it starting at age 62.

I did get another bennie at 70 besides the ski season pass.  70 is also the age where the State of Washington drops the price drastically for a fishing license.  I normally get what they call a "combo" license that allows me to fish both fresh and salt waters, and to take everything from trout, to crabs, to salmon, to name it.  I used to pay about $65 for this annual in-state license.  This year this same exact license cost me $27!!

06/21/15 09:10 AM #107    


Nancy Nelson (Altman)

To all you dad's out there....

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