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William Koons

William Koons

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01/27/14 01:43 PM #1    

Ronette "Ronnie" Smillie (Declerck)

I remember Bill from Adeleine E. Kent elementary school days...8th the time, he and Dawn Urbais were good friends...i always wondered what he was like to know in those days...he was a real heart-stopper.  Later, when we got to Redwood, and a little older, we became friends...we had so much fun in that gorgeous red and white '57 Chevy convertible he drove...hahahaha...he was friendly, a little vulnerable and suggestible, while always being kind, and a dreamboat...never will forget him turning down the wrong side of Market Street, driving confidently fast into oncoming traffic (late at night so it was sparse, blessedly) with a gang of us in his car, unaware as to what he had done...he was an "A" student, I thought, but a little gullible along with it!  So sorry he is gone on, would love to see him now..

01/28/14 03:36 PM #2    

Willis Blackmore

I remember Bill Koons as always kind, gentle and friendly.  He seems (now at least) to have had a special kind of wisdom about social relationships.  I did not know him well, but always felt safe with him.  I hope he has a family that was lucky enough to have had him as a father and husband, uncle, and so on.  And I bet if he didn't "slide into home..." he just cruised over!

01/29/14 06:48 AM #3    

Kurt Wisecarver

Bill was a close friend. We lived only a couple blocks away and had a group that did a lot together - John Contos, John Jurvig, Don Rogers, Bill Skarich and as mentioned earlier, Dawn Urbais. I did not have much contact after he left for UC Berkeley but I understand he had a substance abuse problem and died at a very young age. So tragic for such a nice guy.

01/29/14 03:03 PM #4    

Thomas Tuttle

Bill's parents were very close to my parents and they had  been POW's in the pacific during WW2. Bill went to law school and graduated but I think he gad problems oassing the bar. I ran into Bill at Bechtel Corporation I think around 1980. Few years laterI heard that he took his own life and was both surprised and sad about such a bright talented guy being lost. He was a class learder and a gifted athlete that has been a great loss.

06/10/14 03:09 PM #5    

William Dimpfl (Dimpfl)

I saw Bill's sister, Barbara, at the '64 20th reunion in 1984 (I slipped back a year when my family moved to the Middle East for a couple of years). I learned from Barbara that Bill had taken his life by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge. I didn't know Bill personally, but knew he and Dawn were "an item" in the 8th grade. Later I knew Dawn vaguly on a recognition basis. She was always friendly and gracious. Later my life became involved with the science community and I had little contact with old friends from pre college years. But let me return to memories of Bill. I remember going by his house once, probably from knowing Barbara. I remember that Bill had a classic Austin Healy with side view mirrors up on the fenders. I remember being shaken by hearing that Bill had died. It seemed that he had everything going for him.

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